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Malloch wrote books in which he described his naturalistic observations. I received P.D Malloch's 'Life history and habits of the salmon sea-trout and other freshwater fish' as a present from my friend Paul, companion of hundred fly fishing adventures.
The book was first published in 1910 and the version I have the honour to own is the second edition of 1912, with additional notes and pictures. The book reports the studies on fish behaviour done over decades by the author. The 294 pages and the numerous pictures are pregnant of information. The photos of the bags of killed fish may nowadays scandalize modern anglers, but they tell of an era when the industrialization had just begun and rivers were still untamed and rich of fish. If today some of the knowledge might be given for granted, the book is striking in witnessing the author's dedication to observing fish life and in testifying how things were just a hundred years ago. By browsing the pages one cannot help think how progress has conditioned the wildlife and our rivers and reflect on what we have traded all this for.
Hereafter some excerpts from the book.